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    (Last updated : 2018-11-08 12:20:29)
   Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
   Associate Professor
 Academic conference presentation
1. 2018/09/15 Exchange of Information on Tax Matters and Fishing Expedition
2. 2017/10/01 Enterprise Zone and Taxation-Can it promote innovation? (The Japanese Society for Tax Law 46th Conference)
3. 2015/01/07 Japanese Inheritance Tax: Past, Present and Future (Japan-Thailand Tax Law Symposium)
 Books and Articles
1. 2018/08 Thesis Innovation and Enterprise Zone- Can It Promote Innovations?  (Single) 
2. 2017/08 Thesis Taxation of Non Resident Trust in Canada  (Single) 
3. 2012/09 Thesis Two Approaches for preventing Escape from Tax Jurisdiction in Canadian Income Tax Act: Finding Residence and FAPI rule  (Single) 
4. 2012/03 Thesis Prosecutions with the Information Acquired in the Audit Procedure: Comparison between Japan and Canada  (Single) 
5. 2011/06 Thesis Company Residence in UK Tax Treaties  (Single) 
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 Main Subject
Tax Law, International Taxation