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  MIYAKAWA Toshiji
   Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
 Academic conference presentation
1. 2003 Noncooperative Foundation of the Progressive Taxtaion
2. 2003 Comments on Implications of Public Policies under an Incomplete Insurance Market and Second best Taxation by Yukihiko Nishimura
3. 2004 Comments on Monetary Transfers and Participation in the Mechanism implementing a Public Project by Ryusuke Shinohara
4. 2004 Comments on Dynamic Insurance Contracts under Limited Commitment and Moral Hazard by Yukihiro Nishimura
5. 2007 The Organization as a Rule of Intrafirm Bargaining (Japanese Economic Association Spring Meeting)
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 Books and Articles
1. 1993 Thesis Problems of the property tax on the agricultural land in the city   
2. 1994 Thesis Optimal taxation and distributional justice in the overlapping-generations model  (Single) 
3. 1995 Thesis Inheritance, Bequest and Optimal Taxation  (Single) 
4. 1996 Thesis Uncertain lifetime and the taxation on bequests   
5. 1997 Thesis Land tax incidence in an overlapping-generantions model with the housing   
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 Business career
1. 1999~2001 Shizuoka university Lecturer
2. 2001~2004 Kobe University associate professor
3. 2009~2010 Pennsylvania State University Department of Economics visiting scholar
 Belonging society
1. Econometric Society
2. Econometric Society
3. Game Theory Society
4. Game Theory Society
 Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2010~2015  noncooperative bargaining game under incomplete information  (Key Word : noncooperative bargaining game, incomplete information)
2. 2006~2011  Study on group and network formation  (Key Word : group formation, network formation, noncooperative coalitional bargaining)
3. 2006~2011  The organizational form of firm  (Key Word : incomplete contract, noncooperative bargaining, human capital investment)
4. 2002~2010  Study on the noncooperative coalitional bargaining  (Key Word : noncooperative coalitional bargaining, coalition formation)
5. 2001  Formation and development of institutions in noncooperative games  (Key Word : coalition formation, noncooperative bargaining game, institution)
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 E-Mail Address
 Present specialized field
Economic theory, Economic policy, Public finance/Public economy, Money/ Finance (Key Word:Game Theory, Contract Theory, General Theory of Economics, Public Finance, and Money and Banking, Economic Policy)