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   Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
   Associate Professor
 Academic conference presentation
1. 2017/07 Looking for Audience Costs in the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty Negotiation (Pacific International Politics Conference)
2. 2017/06 Credibility of U.S. Overseas Deployment: Business Cycle, Military Budget and Extended Deterrence (International Studies Association)
3. 2017/04 Public Opinion and Territorial Disputes in theEast China Sea and the South China Sea (Midwest Political Science Association)
4. 2017/02 Normalizing Japan? Foreign Threats and the Operation of the Diet (International Studies Association)
5. 2017/01 Being There: U.S. Force Posture, Offshore Balancing and Alliance Reliability (Asian Political Methodology Meeting/ Australian Society of Quantitative Political Science)
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 Books and Articles
1. 2017 Thesis The Rational Choice Approach and the Psychological Approach in War Studies  (Single) 
2. 2017 Thesis "The Wisdom of the Multitude: Diversity versus Size." In Applications of Formal Philosophy--The Road Less Traveled, edited by Rafal Urbaniak and Gillman Payette, pp. 55-71. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.  (Collaboration) 
3. 2016/01 Thesis "The 2014 Election in Okinawa" In Japan Decides 2014: The Japanese General Election, edited by Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven Reed, and Ethan Scheiner, pp. 241-246. London: Palgrave MacMillan.  (Single) 
4. 2015/09 Thesis Economic Interdependence, Political Diversion, and Japan-South Korea Disputes  (Collaboration) 
5. 2015/03 Thesis National Security Environments, Patriotism, and Japanese Public Opinion  (Single) 
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 Academic background
1. 2004/09~2010/06 University of California, Los Angeles Department of Political Science Political Science〔Doctoral course〕 Completed Ph.D.
2. 2001/04~2004/03 Kwansei Gakuin University Graduate School of Policy Studies Policy Studies〔Doctoral course〕 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
3. 1999/04~2001/03 Kwansei Gakuin University Graduate School of Policy Studies Policy Studies〔Master degree program〕 Completed Master
4. 1995/04~1999/03 Kwansei Gakuin University Faculty of Laws Department of Political Science Graduated Bachelor of Law
 Business career
1. 2016/06~ Osaka University of Economics Faculty of Economics Department of Economics Associate Professor
2. 2014/04~2016/06 Osaka University of Economics Faculty of Economics Department of Economics Lecturer
3. 2010/09~2013/08 University of Dublin, Trinity College Department of Political Science Assistant Professor
4. 2013/09~2014/03 Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies Visiting Scholor
 Main Subject
International Relations
 Belonging society
1. 2017 The Japanese Society for Quantitative Political Science
2. 2017 ∟ Organizer
3. 2016~ Japanese Political Science Association
4. 2016~ ∟ Associate Editor of Japanese Political Science Review
5. 2016~ Pacific International Politics Conference
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 Overseas works
● Overseas research activity (Last year)
 Stay two weeks or more   Total  0 times
 Stay less than two weeks   Total  0 times
● Overseas International Conference or Society (Last year)
 Responsibility about Various Cost   Attendance Frequency   Announcement Frequency
 Organizer  0  times  0  times
 Foreign Organization  0  times  0  times
 MEXT / JSPS  2  times  2  times
 Other Government-affiliated Institution  0  times  0  times
 Affiliated Organization  2  times  1  times
 Foundation etc.(contribution/trust)  1  times  1  times
 Own Expense  0  times  0  times
 Total  5  times  4  times
● Foreign language used at International Academic Society
   Verbal Presentation   English  
   Writing of Thesis   English  
 Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2017~  Different Roles and Effects of U.S. Overseas Deployments in General and Immediate Deterrence 
2. 2016/07~  Analyzing the Deterrent Effect of U.S. Overseas Troops: U.S. Alliance Policy and Regional Peace 
3. 2016/08~2017/07  Changes in Public Opinion and International Disputes in the Asia-Pacific Region 
4. 2015/08~2016/07  Economic Interdependence, Public Opinion and International Disputes in the Asia-Pacific Region 
5. 2017/04~2018/03  Network Analysis of Economic Interdependence and Military Alliances 
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 Home Page
 Present specialized field
International relations, Politics (Key Word:International Security, Political Economy, Formal Model, Quantitative Methods) 
 Teaching Experiences
1. International Relations Theory(Osaka University of Economics)
2. International Politics(Osaka University of Economics)
3. Japanese Politics(Osaka University of Economics)
4. Game Theory(Kwansei Gakuin University)
5. Formal Modeling and Political Analysis(Kwansei Gakuin University)