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   Faculty of Information Technology and Social Sciences Department of Information Technology and Social Sciences
 Books and Articles
1. Book Voyages of Conception: Essays in English Romanticism,"Thomas Gray and the Making of the `British'Bard  (Collaboration) 
2. 2011 Thesis William Cowper's "Boadicea, An Ode" and Late 18th-century Celticism  (Single) 
3. 1997 Thesis Thomas Gray and the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Authorship : A Reading of The Progress of Poesy  (Single) 
4. 2000 Thesis Ossian-Thomas Gray's enthusiam and bewilderment with Macpherson's works  (Single) 
5. 1994 Thesis Travelling for Nature's Beauty : Thomas Gray and Eighteen-Century Taste for Lnadscape  (Single) 
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 Present specialized field
Aesthetics and studies on art, Fine art history, European literature, History of Europe and America (Key Word:Aesthetics,European History)